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Over the last few years, the manufacturing sector in India has witnessed tremendous growth, which is fuelled by the entry of the Multi National Companies (MNCs). This growth has brought in vast opportunities for the manufacturing units of Food, Agro, and Automotive and Engineering industries. As the Indian economy continues to grow, with an increasing export market and growth in manufacturing, the transport of perishable goods as a raw material or as part of the export market will continue to expand...

The increasing demand for quality and hygienic products is challenging India companies to keep their shelves with the right products in hygienic way. Considering the global challenge Indian Companies are adopting GMP through huge investment in Process Handling and Cleaning Systems.

Cleaning of Crates being used for the transport of food products at warehouses decreases contamination. This could also lead to improvements in Product Quality its transportation and storage, number of companies in India are investing on hygienic logistics facilities.