Utensil Washer

Automatic Washing Machine suitable for complete Stainless Steel / Aluminum cookware products, machine include: Pre-wash, Detergent wash, Hot water wash Air blowing, Hot Air Drying & Air cooling sections.

SS Engineers & Consultants are one of the most Dynamic Professionals in Design and manufacture of Utensils washing and drying lines, SS Engineers are experts in manufacture of Industrial washing systems suitable for Mass, Medium and Small companies.
Utensil Washer
We designed a machine for Utensils manufacturers to wash and dry the polished utensils, metal kitchen cookware, stainless steel and aluminium pots having high rate of production.

Equipment  Utensil Washing & Drying Machine
Dimension  L:20000MM x W:1730MM x H:1550MM
Water Consumption  5T ~ 7T / Hr
Power Consumption  42.5HP / Hr
Water Requirement  Tap water (soft water)
Heating Method  Electricity, Gas, Steam, Petrol optional
Heating Way  Gas (1 more steam heating as standby)
Detergent  Metal Detergent + Degreasing Agent or Wax Remover + NaOH
Water Temperature  65°C ~ 80°C (adjustable and normally, constant automatically)
Electrical Connection  420V, 3Ph, 15 Hz & 60 Hz

SS Engineers & Consultants factory is located in Rajahmundry city of Andhra Pradesh, India, we have more than 10,000 sqm place for fabrication of such machines with a staff count of more than 100 which includes design Engineers, shop floor supervisors, Machine Operators, Certified Welders, Polishers, CNC operators, etc., Beside operational staff, SS Engineers have 4 teams for after sale services and machine installations. We follow strict quality control at every stage of production material sourcing, processing to end product dispatch.

Our factories have won ISO 9001:2008 certification