Sugar Syrup Plant

Sugar Syrup Preparation Cum Batch Mixing Vessels

We developed a system like sugar syrup system or sugar syrup making system to prepare continuous sugar syrup with its sugar handling system. Bag filter and screw conveyor are used to convey sugar into the silo. The PLC controlled sugar handling system very minutely discharges sugar and water in an accurate proportion continuously to the first stage electrically heated stirring tank. The overflow from the first stage goes to the second stage heated stirring tank and overflow from second stage goes to the third stage heated stirring tank.
Sugar Syrup PlantAt the third stage tank the correct and continuous dosage of inverter is taking place. Thus at the third stage sugar syrup attains correct temperature and quality. The overflow from the third stage is taken into fourth stage water cooled coil tank. At this level we achieve correct quality and cooled sugar syrup. The sugar syrup is then pumped through a filter into tile overhead storage tank. The system is energy efficient as the power required is 50% of normal operation since tanks are insulated and incoming feed water is preheated.