Honey processing Plant

Honey Processing Plant

The processing of honey is done mainly to prevent fermentation and retard granulation. SS Engineers & Consultants offers Honey processing plant of various capacities, SS Engineers has continuous R & D department to improve the honey processing technology. SS Engineers Honey processing plant consists of, Storage Tank (For Raw honey).It is made of stainless steel (SS 304) sheets with SS Screen for straining raw honey. Honey pump made of Stainless steel, positive displacement metering pump, adjustable to the required output.

Heating Unit: Triple jacketed vessel with SS heating coils to heat the honey to the required temperature.

Processing Skid

Honey Processing Unit: - The Temperature of honey in processing coil is maintained at 65 0c maximum. All the yeast cells present in honey will be killed at this temperature. Then it will pass in cooling tank. Thus processed and filtered, cooled honey will be collected in settling tank. The air bubbles and scum will be separated by vertical diaphragm in settling tank then bottled. Honey pump is adjusted to the required flow.
Moisture Reduction Unit:- Honey is then heated to required temperature for a specific period and passed into Falling Film Evaporator (Condenser). Vacuum is simultaneously applied to boil the water in honey at lower temperature, so that moisture is separated which can be collected separately. This procedure also helps in destroying yeasts.

The processing of honey

Preheating: The raw honey is to be heated first at 40-45°C (Approx) for 30 min with constant stirring to make homogeneous honey, stirring at rate of 50 rpm.
Filtration: -Preheated honey at 40-45°C (Approx) is filtered through 80-100 mesh (40-50 micron) so as to separate solid wax particles, honey processing plant, pollen grains and other foreign materials. Pressure should not exceed 1.5 kg/cm2 during filtration otherwise there is chance of mixing air with honey .That is churning like.
Processing of Honey:-Temperature of honey should be maintained between 60 -65°C (Approx) for 20 or 15 min respectively. Then honey is taken into cooling tank or settling tank to maintain at 25° 30°C (Approx).
Settling of honey:- Processed and cooled honey is allowed to settle at 25° 30°C (Approx) to separate the foam / scum at the top and clear liquid at the bottom. The foam/ scum can be removed by scooping manually.
Existing settling tank of 500 kg honey may be allowed to keep for more than 4-5 days undisturbed without adding further honey at room temperature 25-30°C (Approx).
With this process the Original flavor, aroma and glucose of the honey is preserved in its original form.