Company Overlook

SS Engineers & Consultants

SS Engineers & Consultants was established as a Subsidiary of Sri Pumps & Fittings Industrial Corporation in 1999 and specializes in Design, Engineering and Fabrication of automated, special purpose Machinery for a wide Range of Industries, all Types of Materials handling equipment including Conveying Systems, computerized loading and unloading Equipment for both solid and liquid Products.

With over 15 years of electro-mechanical product excellence, we have several unique advantages. Our Manufacturing process involves close collaboration with clients, rapid manufacturing of highly specialized products, and 100% testing at every stage of development.

Quality is paramount at SSEC. Our commitment to ongoing improvement methodologies is aimed at producing products of the highest quality. Fully documented assembly and test procedures facilitate communication of design changes and assembly techniques across all departments. Moreover, our longstanding relationships with key suppliers have garnered us a ‘tried and true’ reputation in the industry, instilling confidence that SSEC will meet delivery expectations and performance specifications.

Production at SSEC is a continually evolving process of innovation and enhancement. As such, our corporate culture encourages open communication. Most importantly, early identification of potential pitfalls or inefficiencies, before they can become a problem, leads to overall cost savings. By applying feedback at each step of the process, we are able to continually adapt our operation to meet your objectives. Learning from our 15 years of manufacturing experience, and detailed analysis of case studies, allows us to improve design themes that span all of our projects.